WEBSITE DESIGN: Why a Website?

More than 75% of shoppers search the internet for the item they want before they buy it, so developing an effective website has become an integral part of doing business. Your site does not have to be an e-Commerce site to help you gain leads and sales although if you do have an e-Commerce site, your chances of getting that sale greatly increase.

If the client can see that you stock the item locally, it may be enough to convert that lead into a sale. Some people need to see and touch an item before they buy it; if they see that you have it then chances are they will come to you.

Remember when you are creating a website that you are not creating it for any other reason than to help solve your customers' or clients' problems. What visitors care about is solving their problems, NOW!  Most people visit a website to solve one or more of these four problems

  • They want/need information
  • They want/need to make a purchase or donation
  • They want/need to be entertained
  • They want/need to be part of a community

Effective Website Design

Anyone should be able to look at the home page of any website and figure out what the site is about within four seconds. If this is not possible, the site is a failure.

Creating an effective website in today's marketplace is the most beneficial way to help increase the visibility and potential of your business. Website design, when done correctly, is user-friendly, easy to navigate and tastefully designed. The excessive use of pointless, over-the-top graphics found in many web designs can confuse and frustrate visitors.

The main function of a website is to quickly direct the user to the information they are looking for and to display that information quickly and clearly to maintain interest and to create either leads or sales.

Selle Design Group has all the resources to provide professional web design that will promote your business with simplicity and style. Our goal is a creative, tasteful approach to web design that will enhance your company's visibility on the internet.


At Selle Design Group, we consider website design to be about fifty percent of the challenge. You can design the perfect website, but if no one is sees it, then what good is it doing?

As we create a user friendly web design, we consider other strategies to increase your sites potential on the internet. You will need to visit our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) page to see how we can optimize your website so that more pages get indexed and you appear at the top of search inquiries in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

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