The first and most lasting impact for most companies is a visual impact in the form of a logo. The logo is a very important step in the representation of your company. It should be both attractive and able to convey what you are about.

Your logo can be very powerful and it should be. It is what people see and how you can establish a bond and familiarity with the general public. Your logo should be as well known as you can possibly make it. A good and well advertised logo can be enough to spark an acknowledgement from a viewer.

At Selle Design Group we take the following points in mind when considering a logo:

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE! A viewer can only see so much in a given time. Simple designs can be imprinted on the mind much quicker than a complicated design. If you follow the first rule then the next points will follow.
  2. Make sure your logo is easily reproduced in cross-platform mediums such as digital, embroidery, print–everything. Complicated designs often become more difficult to reproduce in limited mediums such as embroidery. If you use a lot of colors, then your business cards and all of your office forms are going to be more expensive to produce. This is not to say that color is bad, just keep in mind that color usually equals more money. If you do use color, then try to use a printer premixed color (known as Pantones). These colors do not change from print run to print run so your look is consistent. it is very important to maintain consistency in your branding. McDonalds yellow is always the same yellow.
  3. Always consider the layout of your logo. Your logo is going to have to fit in many situations, such as a business card, hat, etc. There are vertical, horizontal, and circular logos. Keep in mind how your logo is going to be used and how it will fit in the given presentation.
  4. Try not not use a photographic image in your logo. Keep the logo in a vector or editable format. This will make sizing issues a non issue and reproduction of your logo much easier.
  5. Note: if you do business internationally, research the imagery you use. Something that is of no consequence in this country may be offensive or conter-effective in another.

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