Website Design, SEO and Social Media Solutions to Help Expand the Presence of Your Business on the Internet

Website Design

First impressions are very important and it all begins with having a great website. We work with you to combine our creative website design process with comprehensive strategy to develop an online experience to cater to your target audience. Learn More

Internet Marketing

Having a great website design is not enough if you don’t have any visitors coming to your site. Search Engines are one of the most effective tools for gaining customers online. We know how to maximize your online marketing efforts to get the results you need by using advanced and proven SEO techniques and utilizing many of the free social networking services available. Learn More

Search Engine Optimization

85% of your website’s traffic comes from search engines. If someone is searching for a product like "rubber ducks" they are more likely to purchase that product from someone that appears in the search results for "rubber duck" rather than stumbling across one online. Getting keywords to top spots on search engines requires a great amount of skill, expertise and a great amount of hours + manual labor. Our experts can help you appear where you need to appear. Learn More

Graphic Design

We can handle any design, print or creative needs including web site design, mobile phone app design, brochures, flyers, newsletters, logos, corporate identity/branding and so much more. Learn More

E-mail Campaigns

Direct mailing is one of the most succesful forms of marketing. Reach existing and potential clients with an e-mail campaign. We can help you get started.  Learn More

Video Production

Video is up and coming as an important tool on the web. We can help you start to improve your visibility in this format on the web. Or if you need promotional or instructional video we can help with that too. Learn More


We can help you produce effective copy that will not only convey your message clearly, it will help your web site be seen by search engines. Learn More

Social Media

Blogs, Facebook and Twitter are hot items both for personal use and developing a well rounded SEO marketing strategy. Let us help show you how you can maximize the use of these platforms. Learn More


Recent Website Projects
This site uses a custom program to allow the user to manage herd entries onto website. The entries are then dsiplayed in a category layout and detail page dynamically.
Complete site redesign. Owners of units have a private page enabling online payments.
Here is a great example of an inexpensive site that looks great!
Alpaca news and video website. Dynamic modules with many features.
Performed SEO package on this site. Site went from not appearing on the first ten pages to position #1,2 and 3 for identified keywords and phrases.

Bonner County Library

Dynamic programming to interact with the library management software.
Alpaca website featuring our custom alpaca management software.
Content managed website
Website development
Full e-commerce site solution.
Unique design to match the quality of homes built.
Custom program to fully automate reservation system of RV Park and Marina including booking and payment.

Social Media: how to (and not to) use it.
Social networking (i.e. facebook, etc.) can be a very powerful tool for your business. Are you using it? If so are you using it beneficially or detrimentally? Marketing your business socially rather than with a direct business approach is a fine art. Let us help you make the best of your social networking marketing decisions.

Publishing a Catalog or Brochure? WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY
Selle Design Group specializes in producing larger print projects such as brochures and catalogs. We have streamlined our production and printing capabilities to minimize expense. Our last project saved our client $10,000 dollars! Call us to talk about how we can save you time and money.

Why is Good Design Important? Good design is what engages your viewers. It can influence the psychological opinion of visitors as to what your comapny represents. It also has a positive influence on viewer retention. An attractive and effectivey designed website can lead to more pages being viewed which leads to more conversions of sales etc. To get your message across, you need for the visitor to be engaged and to be able to find information quick. If you site is not properly designed or has too many flashy items you may be discuraging visitors.

Content is King! A good website starts with well chosen keywords and effective and well writen copy. You not only want to represent your business well but you must balance this with copy that is effective to those web crawlers that index your site. Call us to see how we can improve the impact of your website.

SEO! SEO! SEO! If you aren't practicing Search Engine Optimization then you are not using your website as a marketing tool. SEO performed both on-site and off-site can be the most powerful tool available to your business today. At Selle Design Group, we believe SEO to be as important as the initial development of your website. We keep SEO in mind from coception to completion and offer ongoing support and maintenance of your website so that you are gettig the most from your investment.

E-mail Marketing Tip: When creating an e-mail or ad, make sure you are giving your viewers a reason to come to your place of business - create a CALL TO ACTION. This can be accomplished by giving a discount or featuring a special. Then create a SENSE OF URGENCY by limiting the time of your offer or limiting the quantity availble for the special. Put this information in the top part of the e-mail/ad and the extranious information below. Call us for more ideas on how to successfully market your business.